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CG Supervisor Animation Director Animator

I want to tell compelling visual
stories, through animation, using
industry leading technology.
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Director, Animator

Animation Director, VFX Supervisor & Animator

Animation Reels

  • Animation Direction
  • VFX Supervision
  • 3D Character Animation
  • 2D Character Animation
  • Motion Graphics

CG Supervision and Animation Direction Reel

animation direction & vfx supervision

3D Animation Reel

3d character animation in Maya & C4D

2D Animation Reel

2d animation in Harmony, AE & Flash

Featured Project

TED-Ed: Which sunscreen should you choose?

I co-directed this 4 minute 20 second video, for TED-Ed, explaining the different types of sunscreen and how they affect the environment. In addition to direction I storyboarded and timed the animatic, animated and polished several shots, and designed the humanoid characters and beach scenes. We used puppet pinning and basic parent animation alongside hand drawn animation to keep each moment alive.

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Short Film

The Lift – 2010

The Lift explores the consequences of one very common behavior of not holding the elevator door open for someone rushing to get on or worse, lifting your finger and actively pushing the close button. In this film, an elevator interaction between the two lead characters goes wrong, prompting a young woman to learn about being insensitive and to be more considerate in the future.

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Animation Director

Animation Director, CG Supervisor & Animator