It’s Halloween month on Nick and its bigger than ever! In addition to a special even we repackaged the whole network for the month with a collection of network IDs and show bumpers. I animation directed the IDs working with a talented group of Cinema 4D animators. I worked closely with the art director to plan each piece and direct. For the most part I acted out what I wanted, embarrassingly, and when needed boarded ideas. I worked on some of the animation for the zombie dance, and I added some 2D animation to the grim reaper spot to help with the blade hits.

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  • SVP Brand and Design – Michael Waldren
  • VP Editorial and Animation – Kurt Hartman
  • Art Director – Shannon McNeilage
  • Assoc. Animation Director – Rob Kohr
  • Character Design – el Grand Camacho
  • Rigging – Brett Bays
  • Character Animation – Johnny Falcone, Megan Visconti, Kim Louis
  • Motion graphics and Compositing – Ishraque Nazmi, Carlos Miguez, Chris Stearns

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