I co-directed this 4 minute 20 second video, for TED-Ed, explaining the different types of sunscreen and how they affect the environment.  In addition to direction I storyboarded and timed the animatic, animated and polished several shots, and designed the humanoid characters and beach scenes.  We used puppet pinning and basic parent animation alongside hand drawn animation to keep each moment alive.


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  • Lesson by – Mary Poffenroth
  • Narration by – Julianna Zarzycki
  • Directors – Rob Kohr & Travis Spangler
  • Animation – Rob Kohr, Travis Spangler & Andy Rash
  • Music – Gina Zdanowicz


  • Jason says:

    Hi Robert, I saw the animation and it was really beautiful especially the scene underwater. Can i ask you what program you use to animate? I always wanted to be an animator but my drawings are just super bad.. i’d really appreciate it if you reply. Thanks :>

    • Rob Kohr says:

      Thanks Jason, will illustrated it in a mix of illustrator and photoshop. The animation was done in After Effects. Many of the water effects were achieved by looping the layers opacity and offsetting these loops from each other. The sunscreen slick was animated using a mask and a warp filter. Most of the character work was animated using simple parenting. The rest we used DUIK for more complicated motions.

  • Joe Root says:

    Hello, Robert I just watched your film and found it stunning, especially the underwater scene. Would you mind sharing the software you used to create the animation? I’ve always wanted to become an animator, but my drawings are terrible.

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