Kids Choice Sports is a spin off of the Kids Choice Awards.  We worked on developing a hybrid 2D and 3D packaging.  I animated the primary blimp animation and slime animation in Harmony.  The slime animation was a rotoscope based off of a Maya Bifrost simulation.  In the second part we worked on screen replacements for a dance shoot with the show host.  We worked using Adobe Link’s edit system, so the editors and producers could work freely in Premiere and Avid and we pulled their latest cut into After Effects.


  • SVP, Creative Director – Michael Waldren
  • VP Animation Director – Kurt Hartman
  • Art Director– Andrew Harrison & Jie Yun Roe
  • Assoc. Animation Director – Rob Kohr
  • Lead Animator – Carlos Miguez
  • Graphics Manager – Cyrus Shelhamer
  • Animators – Tim Lines, Jeremy Sawyer, Megan Viscont, Jeff Wallenhorst, Joe Pavelka

Reel music Crystal Castles

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