BEST ANIMATED SHORT : Royal Flush Film Festival
2nd PLACE INDEPENDENT ANIMATION : Kids First! Film Festival
BEST ANIMATION : Real to Reel Inter. Film Festival
BEST ANIMATION : Black Earth Film Festival
BEST ANIMATION: Newport Beach Film Festival
RUNNER UP BEST SHORT FILM : in The Bin Film Festival (Aus)
Awards and Screenings:

The Lift explores the consequences of one very common behavior of not holding the elevator door open for someone rushing to get on or worse, lifting your finger and actively pushing the close button. In this film, an elevator interaction between the two lead characters goes wrong, prompting a young woman to learn about being insensitive and to be more considerate in the future.


  • A film by – Rob Kohr
  • Written by – Rob Kohr & Kathy Lien
  • Animation – Rob Kohr
  • Digital Inking – Rob Kohr, Juxsen Rai, Bobby Khounphaysane, Elyssa Di Giovanni, Celia Bullwinkel
  • Color Supervision – Rob Kohr, Bobby Khounphaysane
  • Color – Christopher Niosi, Lori Samsel, Teddy Hose, Elia Filippone
  • 3DCGI – Rob Kohr, Fery Tomi
  • Music – Steve Horowitz
  • Sound Design & Mix – Greg Sextro
  • Voice  – Kamala Sankaram, Veronica Taylor, Marc Diraison
  • Special Thanks – Kathy Lien, Emma Huckstadt, Celia Bullwinkel, Amid Amid, Mark Cheng, Greg Sextro, Jen You, My Parents