Halloween is a fun time, usually it means we get to try something a little different and interesting, in 2013 we wanted to create something that felt like shadow box animation but still had the charm of an in-camera shoot. The shadows are all cast by lights in After Effects, to give it a little bit more of a handmade look we also placed a slight light flicker on everything. The illustrations were done by Martin Allais, famous for the Oreo Wonderfilled Anthem.

In addition to animation direction, the art director and I planed out all 5 scenarios and I storyboarded most of them, revisions were done by Nelson Diaz. The entire project was animated using DUIK in After Effects, 2D animation was done in Flash. Three of the spots were animated in NYC while the other 2 work animated by our Burbank studio. Final composite was done in NYC.



  • SVP, Creative Director Design – Matthew Duntemann
  • SVP, Creative Director – Jay Schmalholz
  • VP Creative – Anthony Gelsomino
  • VP Creative Strategy – Laura Lundgren
  • Director of Production – Sarah Jackson
  • Animation Director – Chris Papa
  • Design Director – Jennifer Cast
  • Art Director/Writer – Shannon Macneilage
  • Associate Animation Director/Writer – Rob Kohr
  • Line Producer – Kate Brennan
  • Project Manager – Dana Burkart
  • Graphics Manager – Alessandra Sutera
  • Digital Animation Supervisor – Dennis Shelby
  • Illustrator – Martin Allais
  • Senior Producer – Dennis Shinners
  • Producer – Eugenia Azevedo
  • Animators – Jason Clarke, Nelson Diaz, Scott Kennell
  • Sound Design – Gina Zdanowicz
  • Sound Designer – Spencer Bambrick, Brett Graves,
  • Digital Animators -Tyler Kakac, Pablo Smith