We wanted to bring to life gingerbread characters enacting humorous and iconic holiday moments to supplement a broader campaign.  Working with the art director and lead animator we built 4 animated IDs.  All animation was made in Cinema4D and the final composite was in After Effects.  One of the larger challenges was making sure the animations were fun without causing too much undo harm to the characters.  Some of the abandoned animatics below were abandoned for this reason. Additionally we had to be cautious to make sure some types of candy were avoided due to their likeness to branded counterparts (like gummy bears). In addition to story and direction I also built the liquid simulation for the chocolate splash.



  • SVP, Creative Director Brand Design – Matthew Duntemann
  • Art Director – Shannon MacNeilage
  • Sr. Animation Director – Chris Papa
  • Assoc. Animation Director – Rob Kohr
  • Rigging Assistance – Brian Horgan
  • Lead Animator – Scott Kennell
  • Animators – Johnny Falcone, Ross Norton, Chris Stearns
  • Sound Design – Gina Zdanowicz

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