This spot was shot using a Canon 5D with Dragon frame over  2 day shoot.  Working with the art director I set up each scenario and lit each shot.  I worked with an on-set animator as well as poked and pushed somethings myself.  In post I worked with our comp team to generate the final 8 spots, these are my 4 favorite.  The biggest challenge was not eating the food.


  • VP Brand and Design – Matthew Duntemann
  • Art Director – Andrew Harrison
  • Animation Director – Rob Kohr
  • Puppet Maker – Jene Wallace
  • Photography – Rob Kohr
  • Animation – Megan Visconti
  • 3DCG – Scott Kennell
  • Compositing – Megan Visconti & Jeff Wallenhorst
  • Sound – Gina Zdanowicz

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