Legend of Korra: “Republic City Hustle: Part 1”

By August 10, 2013korra, nickelodeon

Mako and Bolin enter the crime-ridden underworld of Republic City where you either hustle, or get hustled. I co-directed this 2D AFter Effects animated short with Chris Papa and a team of animators.

Episode 1 is now available on Nick.com http://www.nick.com/videos/clip/legend-of-korra-republic-city-hustle-episode-1-cd3.html

SVP Brand Creative – Matthew Duntemann
Executive Producer – James Stephenson
Producer – Eric Collins
Written by – Tim Hedrick
Directors – Chris Papa and Rob Kohr
Character Design – Evon Freeman & Rachael Hunt
Boards – Ben Caldwell
Backgrounds – Ben Caldwell & George Berger
Animation – Scott Kennell, Ross Norton, Christine Chen, Alexandra Ditullio, Rob Kohr & Chris Papa
Sound – Beatstreet

Kotaku – http://kotaku.com/an-awesome-look-at-the-early-days-of-two-the-legend-of-1084400195
i09 – http://io9.com/legend-of-korra-checks-up-on-team-avatar-before-the-sea-1081939290




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