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My company Kohrtoons Studio finished animation on WanArt’s Kiwi and Pear’s World Adventure Game for the iPhone/iPod Touch. My studio was hired by the game company Zephyr Games, a game development company started by a friend from Nick. The game is an interactive storybook that follows them in their travels, and provides 3 additional fun mini-games for children to enjoy and learn basic geography.

The design was done by the awesome Steve Hernandez. The illustrations were supplied by WanArt’s Joyce Wan and animated by me in Toon Boom’s Animate Pro.

One of the difficulties with iOS apps is paying attention to the memory allocations, a lesson hard learned on this game. I used a software called Zwoptex which takes any image sequence and builds out a sprite sheet. The developer, in this case, Black Burst Media then takes the files and generates a plist file which defines the location and size of each asset. Far from a traditional sprite sheet Zwoptex not only makes sprite sheet building easier for the designer/animator but also allows for top notch optimization.

You can purchase Kiwi and Pear’s World Adventure on the iTunes App Store.

Check out this short video showing off the game that I made.

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