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I received feedback from from the first animatic segment I posted last month. Those changes have been added to this version. Additionally, I added another minute to the story. Unfortunately the part I added is near the ending of the film, so it won’t make much sense right now. It’s best to look at the first part as its own piece and then after 1:05:00 look at the rest as another piece.

A woman in a space suit holds a joystick trying to take control of her craft, a man is yelling instructions off camera, the name on her suit says Savannah. Cut to a title card. The ship is rattling and bucking violently, a red orange glow erupts from the bottom of the ship followed by a trail of smoke. Cut to another title card. A hand flips switches on a console above, condensation slowly forms over the buttons, a woman yells back what she is doing. Cut to another title card. Savannah clenches the joystick tightly; both her and the captain pull back hard. On the outside of the ship the reverse thrusters ignite. Cut to the title “Europa”. A loud crash sound emits followed by a static hiss. Savannah wakes up, the captain next to her isn’t moving. She starts to shake him then stops realizing he is dead she turns to look for the rest of the crew, all lost, the back of the ship was crushed, she is the only survivor.

Buzz. Oxygen at 1%. Savannah looks at her computer, she will die here. Mission control continues to reach any survivors of the crash. Her team, Jovian 4, all died in the crash. Savannah remembers her father again, this was her life’s goal she WILL finish her part of the mission. She grabs the icy and starts digging exposing a red substance which she places in her suit’s spectrum analyzer. She then pulls out the built in camera and starts setting up a tripod to take a picture.

Back at mission control: “Jovian 4 has failed, the remaining member, the Mission Documenter’s oxygen ran out 5 minutes ago following the crash. She was the sole survivor.

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  • emma says:

    Looking good Bob! It’s really starting to come together. I’m definitely starting to pick up on the over all emotion of the film, as well as maybe starting to get an idea of where the flashbacks could come in. Keep up the good work, and i’m sure we’ll talk soon.

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