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MOCCA 2007Its been a week since MOCCA. For those of you who don’t know what it is and instead went to The Big Apple Comic Con, this is the really deal, down and dirty with the artists. It has always been one of my favorite conventions to go to every year.
Ken Dahl’s Monsters, Vol 2

This year I primarily only picked up 2 things. First was a comic Celia recommended to me by a guy named Ken Dahl, I bought both issues of his acclaimed series “Monsters”. Its a really really great comic where the main character experiences the feelings of lover, regret and the shame of passing herpes to his gal. Everything you need for a great book.

The second was a print from this guy Geo (his full name escapes me, ill get it later), whose there like every year. The print was the back cover from his first book which won a Xeric Grant. Really nice piece of a wing, now it hangs in my office.

I only went a few hours because I needed to spend the weekend working on my film. It sometimes feels like the more time that I have to work on something the less time I actually work on it. I promise that I will get the images up from Play de Carmen soon. The heat in NYC has been so oppressive this week, that I have not been able to work much when I get home. my new home office will not have an AC. So I guess that means spending more time at work.

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