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Emma and the iPhone
This is my obligatory iPhone post. You would suspect that I would have been one of the many who waited on line last weekend to get one of these beauties, I think not. Instead I went home and spent the weekend in Connecticut. Once there I could not escape the urge to swing over to the local Apple Store and give it a go. Wow was I surprised to find that had I wanted to buy one, I would have been turned away. Though I did get to play with one of the many on display. (Image is of my sister with an iPhone taken by and iPhone.)

My sister Emma remarked, “So cool!” when she had one in her hand. I also found it to be quite neat. The interface is so tight, this is where it shined, where most phones sell you on the different functions that it can do, the iPhone gets you on its OS. The OS on most phones, especially Windows Mobile OS, suffer from really poor UI. The iPhone, however has one of the most advanced UI’s I have ever seen. “Fluid” cannot full express how clean it really is.

Where its lacking is where AT&T picks up, the moment that you leave the safety of your WiFi, Edge takes over. Edge is the archaic precursor to 3G and other such networks. In the end though its not as bad as some press have indicated. For instance it was reported that it would take 100 seconds to load the whole site, when in fact it takes a little over 30 seconds, less than 1/3 the time, on the Edge network. Also mail and maps work fine on the Edge. It’s better, but still painfully slow, so I’ll wait until they work out the bugs.

Also the sizes available are way to small. I use nearly all the space on my 30 GB iPod, so having 8GB max is prohibitive. That and not having the option to use the phone as a storage device really stinks. All in all though I know that these things will be worked out some day. When that day comes I will be #1 on line.

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