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I had a tremendous opportunity this fall to develop 3 network ID’s for the Halloween holiday for Nick on-air.  I work for Nickelodeon as an animator and multimedia designer in its preschool digital online group (what a mouth-full).  That said when I was offered the chance to work on these I was more than happy to jump on it.  I worked with the VP of Brand Creative to direct these three spots that aired in the 8 to 9 days before October 31st, 2010.  The characters were designed on paper, the storyboards were created in Storyboard Pro and the animation was all done in Animate Pro.  The 3D Nick logo was created in the open source 3D program, Blender.  All in all I had a terrific time working on this and working with my co-workers and freelancers who are always so generous with advice and help, especially my boss Renato who gave me the time to work on these.  It was also great to see it on air!

VP Brand Creative – Matthew Duntemann
Design Director – Renato Castilho
Storyboards – Robert Kohr
Audio – Steve Horowitz
Animation (frank) – Robert Kohr
Animation (goo) – Celia Bullwinkel
Animation (ghost) – Bobby Khounphaysane

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