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I originally saw this on digg then on web monkey and thought that it was an interesting warning/humor/comment on freelance and things to watch out for.  That said I thought it would be fun to add my top ten.  I stole some of the better ones from that site 😉 That said here are my top 10 freelancing red flags:

10. He asks if you can make a sketch or mock something up because he has a few other artists who he is also looking at.

9. He bemoans the last person he worked with on this was a disaster and is looking for someone who can deal with his type of management.

8. There isn’t much money for his job (actually only enough for a McD’s sandwich) but asks if you think that he could pay you in stock?

7. He asks if the deposit (which is supposed to be non-refundable) refundable?

6. He can’t manage to pay the deposit on time.

5. He mentions in passing that he sometimes I forgets to take his medication.

4. He talks a little too much about his kids and want to know about your dating life.

3. He saw “some movie” and wants the animation too look like it, but is floored when you give them a lowball price and wants you to “come down a bit”.

2. He calls himself CEO of his own production company which only has 1 employee.

1. He talks about all the “people” he knows in animation (or art) and name drops then gives you a look of pity when you don’t share in the fact that you don’t know these people.


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