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Happy New Year, for that matter Happy Chinese New Year! It has been so long since my last post. Well I did post, about my store, but then I took that down as it fell through. I learned a lot from the experience a lot which I will apply to something similar in a few years. So for now I am keeping all of it to myself including the idea 😉

In the meantime I have been working on my film “Automatic Doors”. Its never really a good idea to have your whole work in progress online, so instead I will post out of order 1 minute chunks of rough animation online. Currently I have a little over 50 seconds done right now.

I have been working on my film more or less for a year now. I started on March 9 of 2007, as you may know I started an earlier version back in 2006 which I abandoned for the current style. Mostly its thanks to some issues that Lori Samsel had when she was helping me. I made the line work too difficult to emulate. It was my fault. I hope that I can get some help on this in the next few months and start having more finished and colored shots like the hand pushing the elevator button.

Well I am off to work, new office (well floor) I will post pics soon.

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