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What New Yorkers know about Rudy Giuliani that Everyone Else Should Too

I realize that I have posted my opinion a few times here, I mean it IS my blog. But this is something I have done a lot less of of late. Well its getting to the voting season soon so I figured I may as well start stoking the fire. Here is an interesting article that Kathy read to me in the car. A fair warning to Republicans and Democrats alike be ware of Giuliani. He was NOT a good mayor regardless of how heroic he was on 911.

One thing this article lacks is info on how he wanted to cut funding for the Brooklyn Museum because the show at that time was controversial. He initiated a group which attempted to divine what was offensive to the public and then ban it from New York. Interestingly enough his successor, Bloomberg, was more encouraging of the arts and has supported the arts side of the arguments between 911 families and the need to have a gallery near Ground Zero that is not censored. I wish he would run.

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