Shot 13: Rough Animation and Composite

So here is the latest render. I have finished the rough animation. Yay! It only took me 3 weeks! Argh way too long. Also the whole shot was initially spec-ed out to be about 6 seconds, the final version here is now at 8 seconds. It was moving way too fast. I still have one major thing I have to evaluate, is the pho pan that I did with the character here any good or should I do some sort of syncing thing in Blender?

Basically what I was planing was to render another layer in Blender without all the background stuff, then doing motion tracking on it in After Effects and have that effect the scale and position of the character. I could probably get a more accurate synch out of that then.

Other than that this shot proved to be more difficult than I thought mostly trying to slow the action down (although its still kinda fast) as well as doing walking rotations, the one where she side steps to stand in front of the bag. I think it comes out okay. I mean its no Disney animation but I’m trying!

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