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This week I am posting a much earlier shot from my film ‘The Lift’. In this shot the main character is leaving for work, or what ever she does. As you saw from one of the other later shots I posted she doesn’t make it to where she was going.

Something I haven’t really talked about yet, and I am always asked, is when will it be finished. I am looking to complete this film in early 2010, actually the end of January. I am attempting to submit this film to Annecy which is apparently celebrating its 50th anniversary. If you are interested I took some pictures when I was there in 2003 (Annecy Animation Festival Pictures).



  • Adam R says:

    These shot walkthroughs from your film are wonderful! Thank you for sharing how you did all of this!

  • Jaron Eugene says:

    I enjoyed Viewing your process.I wanted toask when you do your raw animation in different colors what do you how do you break them up?Example anything drawn in blue is Key Frame ANY THING IN RED Extremes?I’m just curious because mine is typically unorthodox and my current film is going to need a little order.

  • Rob Kohr says:

    Usually I do what you are talking about. Your system is really only for you so you can see what drawing is in front and what is in back, that’s really the only reason to change color. I have been working a lot with Animate Pro from Toonboom and the onion skin auto tints your previous drawings on color and the ones ahead another color.

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